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Professor Signé has a wealth of experience in providing visionary and evidence-based insights & tools

to support executives and operational leadership in improving their performance.

Unveiling & quantifying untapped opportunities


Expanding business potential in emerging and frontier markets

Licenses, concessions, permits & contracts

Harnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution

Country & sectoral analysis

Securing public-private partnerships

Identifying & managing risks


Navigating complex political, legal, social, economic & cultural risks

Navigating expropriation and contract enforcement risk 

Geopolitical risks in expanding into emerging markets & frontier economies


Formulating & implementing effective business and non-market strategies


Business survival skills in emerging and frontier markets

Choosing the most effective entry strategy in complex environments

Transforming opportunities into superior results and creating high returns


Effective strategy execution

Government engagement & regulatory reform

Taxation and special economic zone

Free trade agreements & international partnerships

Advising top leaders


CEOs and C-level executives

Heads of states and of governments

Leadership of international organizations

Senior public and international officials

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