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Landry Signé. 2018. Why has Africa’s fast economic growth left more poor people behind and how do we fix it? Foresight Africa 2018: Brookings Institution.

Landry Signé. 2018. “Financing Development in Africa: Evaluating the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Resource Mobilization Strategy” in Ndulo et al. (eds.). Financing Innovation and Sustainable Development in Africa. Newcastle/Ithaca. Cornell University Institute for African Development/Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Landry Signé and Amy Copley. “Mobilizing revenues from natural resources in Africa.” Forthcoming  Brookings Institution.


Landry Signé and Mariama Sow.  “The state and drivers of illicit flows in Africa.” Forthcoming  Brookings Institution.


Landry Signé and Mariama Sow.  “Reversing illicit flows in Africa.” Forthcoming  Brookings Institution.

Landry Signé. 2017.  “Public Service Delivery – What Matters for Successful Implementation and What Can Policy Leaders Do?” Policy Paper PP-17/04. OCP Policy Center. Available online:


Landry Signé. 2017.  “Policy Implementation – A Synthesis of the Study of Policy Implementation and the Causes of Policy Failure.” Policy Paper PP-17/03. OCP Policy Center. Available online:


Landry Signé and Curtis Leitch. 2016. “Historical Origins of Regime Change in Bhutan: From an Autocratic Kingdom to a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy.” Cosmopolis Review (Vol. 8, Issue 2).


Landry Signé and Rémi Smida. 2016. “Why Did the Tunisian Army Open Fire on the Demonstrators in the 2008 Protests of Gafsa, and Why Did They Refuse to Do So in the Decisive Uprising of 2011?” Air and Space Power Journal–Africa & Francophonie (ASPJ–A&F) (Vol. 7, Issue 2, 38-56).


Landry Signé. 2016. “Le Nouveau Partenariat pour le Développement de l’Afrique (NEPAD) – Bilan d’une décennie d’actions et perspectives.” Revue Cosmopolitique (Vol. 8, Issue 1, 29–42).


Landry Signé. 2016. ”Accountable Leadership: The Key to Africa’s Successful Transformation.” Horizons – Journal of International Relations and Sustainable Development (Vol. 6, 188-98).


Landry Signé and Severin Tchetchoua. 2015. “La dynamique chinoise au Soudan et au Soudan du Sud: certitudes et incertitudes.” Revue Cosmopolitique (Vol. 7, Issues 3-4, 121–34).


Landry Signé and Koffi Khora. 2015. “Horizontal Accountability and the Challenges for Democratic Consolidation in Africa: Evidence from Liberia.” Democratization. Available online:


Landry Signé. 2015. “Mobilizing Resources for Africa: Financing and Capacity-Building Strategies for Effective Delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.” Brussels/Washington, D.C.: German Marshal Fund of the United States. Available online:


Landry Signé and Sévérin Tchetchoua. 2015. “La stratégie pétrolière chinoise en Afrique: nouvelles dynamiques et contre-offensives des pays développés et émergents.” Revue Cosmopolitique (Vol. 1, 75–86).


Landry Signé and Matthieu Ostrander. 2015. “Cameroon’s Contribution to Peacekeeping.” New York: International Peace Institute.


Landry Signé. 2014. “Idées, intérêts, institutions et innovations politiques en Afrique.” La Revue de l’innovation (Vol. 19, Issue 2, 2014).


Landry Signé. 2014. “Intérêts, stratégies des acteurs et innovation politique en Afrique” (Interests, Strategies of Actors and Policy Innovation in Africa). Revue Politique et Sociétés (Vol. 24, Issue 2, 2014).


Patricia Galvão and Landry Signé. 2014. “Explaining and Fixing ‘Weak Governance Curse’ in Resource-Rich Least Developed Countries.” Southern African Journal of Policy and Development (Vol. 1, 28–43).


Landry Signé and Rémy Smida. 2014. “The Army’s Decision to Repress: A Turning Point in Tunisia’s Regime Change.” Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law Working Paper 151.


Landry Signé. 2013. “The Tortuous Path of Democratization and the Return of Authoritarianism in Africa.” Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law Working Paper 147.


Landry Signé. 2013. “Nepad and the Pan-African Project.” African Geopolitics (Vol. 47, 119–25).


Landry Signé. 2013. “Africa Emerging: Economic Growth, Business Opportunities, and Challenges in the 21st Century.” African Geopolitics (Vol. 48, 27–32) [Reprint].


Landry Signé. 2013. “Idées, paradigmes et explication de l’émergence et des trajectoires des stratégies de développement en Afrique.” Revue Cosmopolitique (Vol. 4, 28–54).


Landry Signé. 2012. “Is Africa Emerging? Economic Growth, Development, Business Opportunities and Challenges in the 21st Century.” Stanford Journal of African Studies.


Landry Signé. 2011. “The Political Responses to the Global Economic and Financial Crises in Francophone Africa from 1980 to 2010: A Paradigm Shift?” African Journal of Political Science and International Relations (Vol. 5, Issue 4, 179–89).


Landry Signé. 2010. “How the State and the Public Administration Deal with Economic and Financial Crises in Africa: Between Interventionism, Structural Adjustment, Privatization, Liberalization, New Public Management, and International Assistance,” in Philippe Bance and Luc Bernier (editors) 2010. Renouveau de l’intervention publique et crise contemporaine: Vers l’émergence d’un nouveau mode de régulation. Peter Lang Publishing Group: Brussels.


Landry Signé and Mamoudou Gazibo. 2010. “Innover en politique: Le Nouveau Partenariat pour le Développement de l’Afrique.” Canadian Journal of African Studies (Vol. 44, Issue 2, 316–44).

Landry Signé. “The Evolution of African Economies in the 21st Century: A Political and Institutional Explanation.”


Landry Signé. “Emerging and Frontier Markets in Africa.”


Landry Signé. “The European Union Strategy for Africa’s Economic Development in the 21st Century.”

Landry Signé. “Why Has Democracy Proven Good for Africa? Democratization and Regime Change in Africa, 1990–2015.”


Landry Signé. “Horizontal Accountability and the Challenges to Democratic Consolidation in Benin.”

Landry Signé. “Horizontal Accountability in Africa: A Comparative Perspective.”

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