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Professor Signé has a wealth of experience in providing visionary and evidence-based insights & tools

to support executives and operational leadership in improving their performance.

Strategy & innovation for the 4th Industrial Revolution


Business disruption during the 4th Industrial Revolution
Leading and winning during the 4th Industrial Revolution

How the 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the world

Technology megatrends and global mindset during the 4th Industrial Revolution

Capitalizing on big data, artificial intelligence and fusing technologies

Global entrepreneurship during the 4th Industrial Revolution

Disruptive innovation during the 4th Industrial Revolution

Shaping the global future during the 4th Industrial Revolution

Global policy and business for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Ethics, identity, and agility during the 4th Industrial Revolution

Management & leadership in a complex world

As a former CEO & Chairman of both public and private organizations, Professor Signé can speak to:

          Developing effective and implementable business strategies

          Winning strategies for emerging and frontier markets 

          Geopolitical risks in emerging markets and frontier markets 

          Managing a complex and rapidly changing transnational regulatory environment

          Winning in emerging and frontier markets 

          Strategic negotiations

          Making boards effective

          Succeeding as board members

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