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Professor Signé has a wealth of experience in a broad variety of boards, improving their governance and performance. 

Board nomination & governance


Board effectiveness & corporate performance

Diversity & effectiveness  

Executive committee

Harnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution

New talents & succession

Emerging & frontier markets


Trends, opportunities, risks & strategies

Non-market strategies

International expansion

Geopolitical risk 

Policy, government & public affairs


Legislative, regulatory & political affairs

Corporate social responsibility

Public responsibility

International business support

Compensation & management development


Ethics & accountability

Board development 

Risks & audits

Financial oversight

Risk oversight

Risk management 

Board training

Making boards more effective

Getting on board and succeeding as a Board member

Developing board-critical skills

The Board oversight rule and corporate strategy

Efficient governance processes & risk mitigation

Types and roles of new Board of Directors in the 21st Century

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